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  • 717 432 7031

  • 8 Tristan Drive, Suite 1 Dillsburg, PA 17019

  • m – f 7 am – 7 pm

    sat 8 am – 1 pm

Introducing Our Talented & Dedicated Team.

Our veterinarians are highly trained individuals dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets and are backed by a group of experienced technicians and team who treat your furever friends with compassion and respect.

Our Team

Explore our staff biographies and learn about the people who make our hospital an excellent choice for your pet care needs.

Our Doctors

Dr. Pryor, DVM
Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Ivan Pryor, DVM, is owner and head veterinarian at Dillsburg Veterinary Center. He is a member of both the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association since 2000. Dr. Pryor received his undergraduate degree majoring in pre-med with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Colorado in 1995. He graduated from Kansas State University in 2000. Dr. Pryor moved to Pennsylvania that same year to join the Mr. Shadow Animal Hospital team in Schuylkill Haven, PA. He purchased the Dillsburg Veterinary Center in July 2005. Ever since Dr. Pryor was a child, he knew that he wanted to take care of the needs of all animals whether large or small. He treats all animals as if they were his own. Dr. Pyror resides in Dillsburg with his wife, Sharon and their two daughters Lauren and Emma. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family, whether kayaking down the river or fresh water fishing. Dr. Pryor lives and active lifestyle through running and adventure courses that challenge his agility, balance, and strength. He enjoys restoring classic Ford Broncos and is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has two Labrador retrievers, Charlie and Lola.

Dr. Amber, DVM
Associate Veterinarian

Amber was born and raised in York County, Pennsylvania and graduated from Northeastern High School in 1997. She attended West Virginia Wesleyan Collage from 1998-2001 and received BA majors in Dramatic Arts/Communication and Chemistry, with minors in Human Biology and Music. She had many interests during that time and it wasn’t until the end of her sophomore year that she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. She then continued to Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine from 2001-2005. She worked in Red Lion, PA for her first year after graduation in a small animal practice, but moved back to Alabama when she married her husband in 2006. She worked at a 24 hour emergency hospital from 2006-2013 which she loved. After a few personal life changes, her and her husband decided to move back to Pennsylvania. She has been working at DVC since 2014. She has three children, Paisley, Tucker, and Cedar, who always keep her on her toes and remind her the importance of the little things. She currently has a yellow lab named Remi and a brown tabby named Purrcy.

Our Support Staff

Office Manager

The backbone of the “business side of things”, Sharon has been Office Manager of DVC since 2005. She is inspired by The Bible. Her most important life event has been her marriage to Ivan and the birth of their children, Lauren and Emma. She admires hard work and integrity in others. If Sharon is not working, or attending her children’s activities, she enjoys quiet date nights with her husband or physical fitness such as running or doing workout tapes in her home gym. Her furbabies include two Labrador retrievers, Charlie and Lola.

Team Leader

The “glue” of DVC, Laura started out at DVC as a part-time kennel technician in 2014. With her “sky is the limit” attitude, she quickly learned technical, administrative, and management skills that created her role as Team Leader. Her furry family includes a dachshund named Oscar and two cats, Minnie and Marven. She loves to travel, sightsee, and be a typical tourist every opportunity she gets. Laura credits her strength and determination from her role model, her mother, who she also considers her best friend. She admires honesty, positivity, integrity, and a sense of humor in others.

Head Veterinarian Technician Leader

Having been in the veterinary field since the age of 15, Julia started as a kennel assistant in her home state of New York. When she is not scheduling surgeries, educating clients, or assisting the doctors, Julia can be found working on cars, riding her motorcycle, or hiking the Appalachian Trail. She is inspired by her father, and her role model is her sister. She resides with her two furbabies, Bacon, a Labrador/whippet mix and Lucas, her “old man cat”.

Veterinarian Technician

Great with felines and making pets feel less stressed and safe, Penny has been a veterinary technician since 1999. She admires a great work ethic, compassion, and honesty in others. Her most treasured memory is the birth of her two children. She enjoys music, museums, and nature. Her furbabies include her rabbit Coconut, two dogs Dazey and Finn, and her cat Benjamin.

Veterinarian Technician

A wildlife fanatic, Katey graduated Delaware Valley University as a Wildlife Conservation major. She has worked at zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and as a resort naturalist. Her furry family includes two dogs Duper and Fleury, one cat Leia, a red eared slider named Rufus, a diamond back terrapin Chewy, a ball python Ranger, and two Geckos Pandora and Grex. When Katey is not taking care of patients at work, she is watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, playing video games, or spending time with family. A perfect day for Katey would be hiking on a cool Fall day.

Veterinarian Technician

A warm and kind heart, Kyle will always help anyone with anything. He is the “muscle” of DVC. He found a passion in the veterinary field and has been happy ever since. His furry family includes two dogs Cooper and Suzie, two cats Callie and Molly, and his rescue kitten Pepperoni. Besides his passion for animals, he has a love for diesel trucks. He is inspired by his role model, his father. His favorite quote is “can I pet your dog?”

Veterinarian Technician

Always making others laugh, JD has a positive outlook on life and loves what he does. His favorite quote is “never regret something that made you smile”. He has played the piano since 3rd grade. He has two cats, Stanley and Tibby that are his world. JD’s hobbies include playing video games, playing instruments, and traveling. He is most inspired by his mother’s amazing strength.

Surgery Technician

Having been in the veterinary field since 1993, Denise is our part-time surgery technician. Prior to the veterinary field, she was in the Navy for 10 years. Her most treasured memory is giving birth to her two children, Jennifer and Kristopher. Her furbabies include a Scottish Terrier Jacob and her cat Logan. She admires honesty and hard work in others. If Denise ruled the world, the first thing she would change would be animal cruelty laws.

Client Care Representative

The face and voice of DVC since 2006, Debbie truly loves all animals and humans. She is inspired by courage and kindness. Her role model in life is Jesus. If she isn’t at work giving every dog a treat or at home cuddling her furbabies Spud, a chihuahua and Willow, a manx cat, she is fishing with her husband Greg off the New Jersey coastline. Her most treasured memories are those with her children and grandchildren.

Client Care Representative

A kind and gentle soul, Nancy always greets everyone with a big smile. She has been a veterinary receptionist since 1999 and loves what she does. Her hobbies include cross stitching and reading. In 2013, she self-published a book entitled My Name is Lagniappe. Nancy and her husband Toby have one cat named Madison. A perfect day for Nancy would be a quiet day with “nothing on the calendar”.

Client Care Representative

Always willing to help others, Mikki gives every client and pet a warm welcome to DVC. She is a 2006 recipient of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Citizen Volunteer Services. Her role model is Mother Teresa, and she has spent her life giving back. Mikki has a Chocolate Pointe Siamese named Chai Lee. She has had a passion for horses since the first time she rode one and would love to rescue one in the future.

Kennel Attendant

When Casey is not giving love and attention to our boarding pets, she is volunteering at Speranza Animal Rescue or spending time with her own furbabies. Her four dogs include Rocco, Smooches, Lenny, and Reagan. She has two cats, Ginger and Seven. Her favorite quote is “let all that you do be done in love”. If Casey ruled the world, she would make sure all people and animals had a safe place to live and everything they needed to survive.

Kennel Attendant

A compassionate and fun soul, Jacque treats every animal as if they were her own. She graduated from Mansfield University. Her furry family includes four dogs (Sarge, Onyx, Aspen, and Daphne), one cat (Sam), one bearded dragon (Sprout), and one leopard gecko (Petey). When she isn’t playing and caring for our boarding pets, she is spending time with her own animals, riding her motorcycle, or target shooting. If Jacque ruled the world, the first thing she would change would be animal cruelty laws.

Kennel Attendant

Easy going, mature, hardworking, and passionate best describe Natasha. She attends Northern York High School as well as Messiah College. She plans to pursue Veterinary Medicine after graduation. Her hobbies include reading, coloring, and music. Her role model is her sister. She treasures memories of hanging out with her family in the kitchen while making dinner, laughing and eating along the way. Her fur family includes Neffertiti Rae, Dink Thompson, Saber Steel, and Alice Willow.

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