Hi everyone! My name is Clyde and I was born in June 2015. I am half of the dynamic duo that my mom decided to give a home to after my sister, Bonnie, and I were dumped at a farm. When I was about a month old, an animal attacked me and I would not have survived if I had not been taken off the streets. I told mom to save my sister, too…how could she say “no”?!?

My most favorite thing to do ever is snuggle with my mom. Granted, there are other humans that live with us, but she is my favorite. She’s always petting me, playing with me, and taking naps with me. She even lets me sit on her lap while she puts on her face in the morning! Other fun things I love to do are chase strings, figure out ways to eat the goldfish, play with all my noisy toys late at night, use as many things as I can to sharpen my claws on besides my scratching post, chew the bath mat so it has to be replaced every month, take the screen off the window and venture onto the roof of the house when possible, and meow extremely loudly the entire length of time my humans eat dinner (even though I was already fed). My other siblings Bonnie, Jezzie, Fishy, JJ, Whiskers, Tickles, Damon, Bubbles, and Ghost Rider all live with me, too. We make up quite the “little” family ?

Even though I am happy and full of life, I am not always healthy. I have had many ongoing health issues in my short lifetime so my mom wanted me to have the best vet care around. I met Dr. Amber over a year ago and she is amazing. She truly cares about me and has made it a priority to get me well. Granted, I don’t like traveling to see her, but I always know I am in the most capable hands when I am there. Dr. Amber and the staff at Dillsburg Vet Center are wonderful…they even have treats for me when I come visit ? But thanks to Dr. Amber, I am slowly getting better and will have a long life of snuggles!

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