Hi! My name is Macy and I am a 12 1/2 year old tri-color beagle (but, my Momma tells me I’m her “baby”) My Mommy and I came together when I was 10 weeks old in Wyoming, and we have been inseparable since! Since I am a beagle after all, my favorite thing to do is EAT! Chicken is my very favorite, and when I’m extra good, Momma let’s me have bites of pizza crusts! I also love to cuddle under all my 10 blankies, lay in the sun and watch the neighborhood, play with my babies, and spend time with my Grandma, Daddy and kids! I’m a trooper that has traveled the country with Mommy many times and love PA and AZ! Thanks to Dillsburg’s cold laser therapy, my double ACL tears have healed, and I’m enjoying my walks with Momma again!

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